Expo Booth- Details


The details of the booth are as follows:

Size: 3 mts x 2 mts
Type of booth: Octanorm booth
No. of passes per booth: 2 nos
Cost of booth: Reach out to expo@vfxsummit.in for price slabs.

Booth Specifications:

  • Allocation and Positioning of the booth is at the discretion of the organizers.
  • The maximum height of branding inside the booth should not exceed 8’ for Octanorm structure and 10’ for raw space.
  • The Booth owner has the option to choose raw space or shell structure (Octanorm)
  • VFX Summit will only allocate and provide the shell (Octanorm structure). All branding at the booth to be done by respective booth owner
  • Each 3 mts x 2 mts booth will come with the following:
    • Octanorm Structure
    • Carpet
    • Table- 1 no
    • Chairs- 2 nos
    • 5 amp Power outlet (Plug Point)- 1 no & Spike Buster- 1 no

Branding & Fabrication:

  • Branding and any additional elements of the booth to be handled by individual booth owners.
  • If a booth owner does not want an Octanorm structure & wants only raw space, the same to be informed 10 days in advance, i.e. by the 22nd of October 2023.
  • If a booth owner wants an agency/ production team to design and fabricate their booth, VFX Summit will be able to provide the coordinates of the agency.
  • The set-up time will be confirmed latest by the 15th of October 2023.

Rules & Regulations on Engagement at Booth:

  • No Printable materials to be given away at the booth, All collaterals should either be a downloadable option through QR codes or it should be printed on eco- friendly paper (recycled/ seed paper).
  • No Booth owner will solicit or advertise recruitment or job opportunities for attendees at the Booth.
  • Sound systems to make announcements are not allowed at the booth.


  • Each Booth will come with 2 passes for the event.
  • If a booth owner requires additional manpower at the booth, then they should avail of support staff passes from VFX Summit 24 hours before the event.

For more details, write to expo@vfxsummit.in